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Services for Students

Pregnant and in school? Today’s Choice provides free services and support in Newton, New Jersey.

Your First Step

Pregnancy tests are an indicator of pregnancy, not a confirmation


An ultrasound can:

  • confirm if you are pregnant

  • if the pregnancy is viable (10-20% of all pregnancies end in natural miscarriage)

  • if the pregnancy is occurring inside the uterus (and not an ectopic pregnancy)

  • determine how far along you are

Before you decide, know for sure. Book online, call or text us at 973-440-9974.

Teen Pregnancy

We know you have lots of questions regarding pregnancy, abortion, your options, and reproductive rights for minors in New Jersey. We're here to help answer questions like these and more.

  • Do I need to tell my parents?

  • How much does an abortion cost?

  • What are my options if I'm a minor?

  • How do I tell my boyfriend?

  • If I continue my pregnancy, what resources are available to me while in school?

  • Is everything confidential?

Contact us to learn more about our free and confidential teen pregnancy services in Newton, NJ. Text 973-440-9974. No insurance is needed and you do not need to have a parent present. 

Thinking about abortion?

At your appointment, you can learn more about the abortion pill, abortion procedures, adoption, parenting and all your options. If you are thinking about abortion, our staff will provide the information you need to make an informed choice. You can talk to a nurse about the various procedures and any possible risks.

If you are considering abortion, schedule an ultrasound to know exactly how far along you are. That information can help you determine the type of abortion and how much one can cost.

Get Directions to Our Center


We provide information on abortion and do not perform or refer for abortion services. Contact us to learn more.

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