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Free Women's Center - Newton, NJ

Your Future. Your Choice.

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I need to confirm my pregnancy.

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I am looking for information on abortion.


I want to talk about all my options.

Looking for unplanned pregnancy solutions?


Whether you need pregnancy testing, ultrasound services, want to learn more about abortion or pregnancy options in Sussex County New Jersey - we're your first step.


Get the services you need from people who care.

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Your go-to resource for care that is


We believe women making reproductive health decisions deserve to do so in a place that does not financially benefit from any decision they make.


We provide pressure-free, discreet services and quality care because you come first.

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The Abortion Pill

Get the information you need about medication abortions and your early pregnancy options in Newton, NJ. We provide a no cost consultation and ultrasound so you can learn how far along you are and if the pregnancy is viable. An ectopic pregnancy should be ruled out prior to taking the abortion pill.

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