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Emergency contraceptives and birth control supplies

Sexual Health Information

Learn more about STDs, STIs and how it can impact your reproductive health decisions.

When Should I Get Tested?

All sexually active women under age 25 should be tested annually. However, you also need to get tested if:​

  • You've had a change in partners

  • You are experiencing symptoms

  • Before an abortion to reduce your risk of PID

  • Women over age 25 who have a new partner, have sex with more than one partner, or a partner who has other partners

You may need to get tested even if you have no symptoms or consistently use a condom. Vaginal sex, oral sex and anal sex always carries the risks of STIs and STDs. If you are considering an abortion, it's important to rule out an STI before your appointment. Contact us for more information.

What Are The Most Common STD/STI Symptoms?

The most common sign of an STD is actually no symptoms at all. If you have had any form of unprotected sex, you need to get tested.


Other common STD signs and symptoms can include:​

  • Vaginal discharge

  • Strong vaginal odor

  • Itching or irritation inside the penis or vagina

  • Pain during sexual intercourse

  • Painful urination

  • Chancres (bumps) or sores

  • Rash

  • Sore throat


STD Prevention

Condoms are typically effective against pregnancy and STDs when used correctly and consistently every time. However, they are unable to protect you against all STIs because many STIs are spread from areas that condoms don’t cover. These include HPV and genital herpes, both of which have no medical cure.

When a condom fails or is used incorrectly, you risk an unplanned pregnancy or contracting an STD/STI. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) states on their site that “condom use cannot guarantee absolute protection against any STD.”  Other forms of birth control such as pills, the patch, IUDs, and others do not provide any protection from STDs and are not foolproof at protecting against pregnancy. 

Think you may already be pregnant? Make an appointment today or text us at (973) 440-9974.

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